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TimeBy: Elizabeth YeamanAs t
By: Elizabeth Yeaman
As the days go by my sleep decreases and my deprestion increasses. Maybe I'm just freaked out, but over what? The world is becoming darker as I move along. Will light find me one day before it's to late? I dought it. I will fight though to stay where I'm at. I'm happy for once but even that fades with time. We all will fade with time. Time is our god as you say and it controls what we do. Time will always one step ahead. We can not win this fight. Time took away my sleep and soon my happiness.
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Broken downBy:Elizabeth Yeama
Broken down
By:Elizabeth Yeaman
I'm broken down and in need of help. The lies grew, "we love you dear" "no more fights we promise." There all lies from people that only use me. This soul slowly fades and nothing brings it back. The lake of my life is running dry and black as it has been poisoned. My tears now don't come as I used them all. My blood runs hot in these vains. When will it quite down? When will there be peace?
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Fear And Lies part 2
Curtis’s sobs where getting louder as the moment’s past. I walk to him and was shaking and stuttering “C-Curtis…What-What will happen to E-Erik? W-Will he be okay?” Curtis didn’t say a word as he was in a break down and ran out the door to the house as he was bawling. I look down and my hands slowly curl into fist and I was shaking more. “Nothing turns out right…Why must I be the one with is burden? It can’t end like this…It’s just begun!” I was crying and run into Erik’s room as he was out cold on his bed and slowly wasn’t breathing. “I told myself…No more…I have to end his pain.” I put my hand to Erik’s forehead and he was hot but I shock it off and mumbled a Latin Spell (By the power vested in my soul I give life to the weak and spare them from death as I give thee my soul in return.) “Penes potentia et parcere infirmis animo vitam suam usque ad mortem anima m
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Forever Alone
Forever Alone.
I need some help but when I try to get it no one listens to me. I’m an outcast but I like this style or at lest I think I do. My mind is falling apart at the seams and I can’t fix it so I live with it. Everyone calls me “Insane” But I’ve leaned that they are right. Society has pushed me for the last time and now I’m fighting back. I have Scares and I ware them with pride because I know I can’t change my past. I love Death but I wouldn’t want to meet him quite yet. I have friends but I stay away from them in fear I mite hurt them or whore they hurt me. I want to be noticed but not for being a freak. I want love but not from someone who is just going to use me.
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Creature Feature by Curtisfantothegrave Creature Feature :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 0 0 Eridan Ampora by Curtisfantothegrave Eridan Ampora :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 0 0
The Odd World Of Erik And Curtis
One dark and stormy night a young man was walking in the rain when a reckless driver swerved into the lot next to young man almost hitting him. The young man looked up at the driver and asked “Who the hell are you! And are you crazy you almost hit me!?” The driver said “Sorry but I saw you and do you need a ride?” The young man looked at the driver with a “You-almost-hit-me-and-you-want-to-give-me-a-ride?” look. The driver held out his hand and said with a smile “The name is Curtis” The young man asked “you don’t have a last name?” Curtis smiled and said “No I shortened my name.” “The name is Erik nice to meet you Curtis” Said Erik in the middle of a bow. Erik looked a Curtis and Curtis said “Don’t worry about getting the seat wet!” Curtis read Erik’s mind then Erik got in the beat up old Crimson car and casually and shut the door. “So Erik where are you heading to?
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Fear And Lies
There I was strapped to a metal table with my arms, Legs and waist down against the table with just enough room to breathe. It was a dark room and I just though this was all a dream but soon leaned I was dead wrong. A tall man he seemed to look like a wolf as he had sideburns that looked like muttonchops. Another man was against a brick wall. The men spoke to each other so soft I couldn’t make it out. The sideburn one that was taller of the two grabbed a Syringe by him and slowly walked to my as it seemed his boots had Metal toes. The sound of metal hitting tile rang out. The man was next to me and I was panicking trying to brake free. I was in black sweatshirt and black jeans with hints of a black shirt under the Sweatshirt. The man with syringe put the Syringe in my arm and injected with what I can remember to be a light blue almost white liquid. My whole body relaxed as I was numb but not asleep. The man on the wall pushed himself off the wall and seemed to have a pissed off l
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Hourglass 2 by Curtisfantothegrave Hourglass 2 :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 0 0 Hydra by Curtisfantothegrave Hydra :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 2 4 Ganger by Curtisfantothegrave Ganger :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 0 7 Gastly by Curtisfantothegrave Gastly :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 1 0 Ice by Curtisfantothegrave Ice :iconcurtisfantothegrave:Curtisfantothegrave 0 0


Mistletoe by M-Ziliak Mistletoe :iconm-ziliak:M-Ziliak 71 18 Creature Feature- How to serve man by Creaturefeaturefan10 Creature Feature- How to serve man :iconcreaturefeaturefan10:Creaturefeaturefan10 4 49
Best Friends Forever-CF
Erik was five when he and his parents moved to Calafornia. He stood infront of his new house he didnt like new places he wanted to go back to Mexico and just stay there. He held his teddy bear close to him he heard laughter comming from down the street he looked over and saw a boy who was a little taller than him jumping in a puddle. Erik looked up at his mother, "Mommy? Can i go play?"
"Uhm..... Sure come on."
She held Erik's hand as they walked down the street, a woman who was most likely the boys mom walked out of the house to greet them, "Hello, You guys just moved here?"
"Yes, Erik wants to play with your son is that alright?"
"Yes its fine Curtis would be happy to have someone to talk to."
The boy ran over to them, "Hi im Curtis!"
Erik sqeaked and jumped behind his mom holding her leg. Curtis looked concerned, "Whats wrong? Did i scare you? Im sorry if i did."
Erik's mother looked down at Erik, "Go play sweetie hes nice."
Erik nodded and went over to Curtis, "Hi."
"Whats your nam
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Curtis Line Art by SummerMiko Curtis Line Art :iconsummermiko:SummerMiko 7 2 Another Creature Feature Line Art by SummerMiko Another Creature Feature Line Art :iconsummermiko:SummerMiko 4 21 Ivysaur Minecraft by 1999misscreator Ivysaur Minecraft :icon1999misscreator:1999misscreator 2 0 Cold Hands by Strabius Cold Hands :iconstrabius:Strabius 28 16 Another CF Comic rough draft by SummerMiko Another CF Comic rough draft :iconsummermiko:SummerMiko 2 69 CF Quotes Code MENT by Strabius CF Quotes Code MENT :iconstrabius:Strabius 27 10
Curtis Rx
Bio Poem: Curtis Rx
A tall, lanky man,
Sideburns on his face.
Briefly, he writes about
A dark, horrid place.
Within his mind,
Twirls the rantings of Poe.
Lovecraft, Bradbury,
His rhymes will fill you with "Whoah!"
He lusts for bacon
And he was born in May.
He also believes
In a zombie doomsday.
Halloween is his season,
With the myths of yore.
His only true fear;
Seeing Christmas decor at the store.
With a mad charm
He will awake
The strange fandom
Of which you will obey.
You'll swing to the lyrics
Throughout your head.
They'll swing your ancestors,
Whom I pray are dead.
Within his heart,
twirls the rantings of Poe.
Lovecraft, Bradbury.
With feelings of Woe
:iconsummermiko:SummerMiko 35 36
Se7en vs. Curtis RX by LexxyThirteen Se7en vs. Curtis RX :iconlexxythirteen:LexxyThirteen 38 20



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Sorry for not being on at all. I'm running low on energy lately and haven't been sleeping well. This week was crap and I wish I could redo it. My sides are getting out of control and I'll losing energy from it. I just hope next week is better and that. I will have more energy.


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Elizabeth Yeaman
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I'm 15 and I love to draw.


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